Machefert Group has one core ambition, and that is to take care of its clients from dawn to dusk. Our expertise is centred around a unique offer that makes you dream before anything else.

Our hotels represent a selection of comfortable rooms, where design and technology fuse together to support well-being and hospitality services. Certain rooms boast a typically Parisian elegance, nestling between charm and tradition, whereas others play along more modern themes, with pure lines and design themes. Other rooms are "ethnique-chic" and send you on a voyage to the furthest corners of the world, with your head on your pillow.

If the desire takes you, and water is the only solution, the 1k Hotel Pool Suite will seduce you at first site.

Our wide range of spaces are as elegant as they are diverse, in their power to make you dream. Everything was meticulously thought through in order to create your perfect rooms in Paris, Marrakech and Saint-Tropez.


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