Preoccupied by the world of tomorrow, the Machefert Group wishes to progressively take steps towards being eco-responsible following the choice of undertaking a CSR initiative.

Our group therefore has the ambition of acting on 3 pillars: the environment, society and the economy.

Controlling our consumption together: increasing the awareness of our clients to limiting the waste of resources, especially water, through the careful positioning of information in our bathrooms in order to motivate our customers for example, to keep the bathroom linen that hasn’t been used very much.



Preserve and Respect Nature

In order to preserve resources, a Canadian well has been installed under the infrastructure of our resort, the Kube Saint-Tropez. This system involving a climate well, still unknown to the general public, represents an important savingin energy in terms of heating, ventilation, or cooling. It is an ecological concept that uses the geothermal and inertia of the ground to cool or pre-heat the interiors through a natural method whilst limiting the consumption of energy.


Furthermore, all the rooms of a premium category in our hotels are equipped with LED lamps allowing for a better luminosity all whilst limiting the consumption of energy.


Finally, to encourage the usage of electric vehicles, Tesla “superchargers” have been installed at the center of the Kube Saint Tropez. This initiative will in the future be applied into our Parisian hotels.


Act for the Future : Machefert Group rallies for the bees

The Machefert Group is implicated in the development of beehives in Paris. Our 4* Heritage Collection hotel, the Villa Beaumarchais, has decided to host on its rooftop the beehives of an independent beekeeper, Gaël Cartron. Our group is therefore fully associated to the preservation of biodiversity. Indeed, bees like other pollinating insectsplay an important role in the ecosystem. A third of our food is at stake, which makes at it a vital issue in the future.



Implications for Change

To shape even more our desire to act in favor of the environment, we have recently entered a partnership with To Good to Go, a mobile application that helps food-related enterprises to fight against food wastage of unsold and primary goods. The common objective having motivated this collaboration: the want to create a world of sense, where food is produced in the function of needs and to therefore avoid that these products end up tragically in our bins. In place since the month of November 2018, this initiative has allowed to create 750 baskets in the space of 6 months.


Work in the favor of Fair Trade

The Machefert Group has also heartedly participated in the construction of a more humane global economic model , by favorizing for example in some of it’s Signature concepts, purchases from producers that are associated to fair trade. Therefore, at the heart of our eclectic 4* hotel in the Marais, the 1K Paris, most of the decorative objects of its INKA restaurant come from Peruvian artisans. In a similar light, it’s famous hidden bar, the Mezcaleria Paris is stocked exclusively in Mezcal,exclusively by the Mezcal Brothers, specialized in the Mezcal artisans, imported from Mexico and produced by local artisans, all of whom are following a fair trade policy. For example, Mezcal Koch, the emblematic mezcal brand of the Mezcaleria employs 59 families from the underprivileged state of Oaxaca in Mexico, which represents ,nearly 200 people as well as 70 families that gather agave.



Meaningful purchases

Because we care about the health of our clients, we now make the effort to introduce as many products as possible from biological agriculture in the composition of our breakfast buffets and in the menu of the restaurants in our Signature Collection hotels. In this regard, the INKA restaurant wants to lead by example in respect to responsible consumption with a new chef, Juan Carlos Récamier , profoundly attached to the values of proximity, seasonality and the respect of the environment that will elevate and allow the menu to evolve very regularly throughout the seasons.


To Promote our Patrimony

To promote proximity is also one of the ambitions of the group,to contribute to the reduction of a carbon footprint. To place of focus on the businesses of our local area is becoming one of our priorities. We can relate to one of our chefs, Armand Esbelin at the Kube Saint-Tropez, who privileges local businesses, by using products from the area such as artisanal jams from “La Maison des Confitures” in Gassin or the wines, issued from the wine estates of the Province. This contributes to the growth and sustainability of the local economy all whilst promoting the patrimony in which the hotels are located. Therefore in the ensemble of our Parisian collections Origine and Héritage , we privilege for our breakfast buffet , products from French suppliers. This focus on proximity is also found at the INKA , in the choice of fish placed in the menu of the Ceviche Bar, and allows to save time in the transport and delivery of products, whilst also reducing the carbon footprint of our group.





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