The (R)evolution of the group is in progress and it is based on a new pragmatic corporate culture and futuristic solutions used both for hotels and clients. 

The Group is now prepared to adapt to any client behaviour change. The hotels will offer unique experiences integrating avantgarde technologies, which will discretely pop up throughout the client experience journey, from reservation to departure throughout the entire stay. That way, at every point of contact with the Machefert Hotels Collection teams, the experience is purely oriented towards the client’s well-being is not limited to administrative tasks.

The Smartphone offered in every hotel room becomes an extension of this relationship, a bridge between the host and the services of the hotel. 


 Sesame Tecnology : a room key in my phone


Sesame Technology is a futuristic dematerialization solutions that facilitate room access and simplify client arrival and departure from the hotel. Sesame allows direct room access via its ultra-modern smartphone access of all doors.